Anthem: Cash Shop discussion before release

Anthem: Cash Shop discussion before release

Anthem will have a cash shop with cosmetic content. Although the items can be earned in the game and the prices are not yet final, the community is already discussing the microtransactions.

During Anthem’s VIP demo, a player posted a screenshot of the supposed microtransactions in the Anthem subreddit. The image of the cash-shop has triggered an interesting debate with more than 1,100 comments.

What is the Cash Shop in Anthem? Anthem will offer cosmetic items such as Javelin armor kits, materials such as fabrics or metals that alter the appearance of the armor, or Emotes. These can be purchased through the real money currency shards or through an in-game currency.

The in-game currency Coin players can earn while playing Anthem.

Why are the players discussing? In particular, the amount of each required currency in the picture gives the players to think. For example, an armor set costs about 40,000 coins, the in-game currency, or 2,000 shards, the real money currency.

In the post on Reddit, BioWares Chris Schmidt spoke up and said that prices for microtransactions are far from over and that the prices in the picture are not realistic. The only certainty is that you do not want to hide content behind a paywall.

Nevertheless, the players give their opinion on whether a cash-shop in a full-price title really has to be and how expensive the offered items should be.

That’s what the community says: Some players are against microtransactions in Anthem. You see the screenshot as a kind of “test” of Electronic Arts on how much they can screw the prices for the cosmetic items.

Others see fewer problems with the shop as long as prices remain fair. Often the comparison with Fortnite is drawn, although sometimes high prices for his skins required, but it is free. So the players wish that if there is already a cash-shop, further updates and DLCs for all are free.

Anthem producer Mike Gamble said that they do not want a season pass for the game, so as not to pull the players apart unnecessarily. However, BioWares did not exclude Mike Darrah that eventually there would be a paid DLC for Anthem.

Some aspiring freelancers do not see any problem with the shop as they can earn the desired cosmetics through playing. However, many say that he would rather spend $ 20 for a skin than grind 40 hours.

Whats your opinion? Use the comments below!

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