Anthem: Changes to Tomb of the Legionnaires challenges

Anthem: Changes to Tomb of the Legionnaires challenges

The developers of Anthem have discovered some mistakes with the Tomb of the Legionnaires challenges.

These bugs have now been investigated, so if you have problems with the Legionnaires Missions, here are some solutions:

Here are some workarounds as we address some other issues with the Tombs:

  • If you gained access to one of the Legionnaires Tombs but there is no interaction on the Tomb, please restart freeplay and make your way back to the Tomb.

  • If your journal is telling you that the challenges are complete but the Tomb door doesn’t open as it should, please go to the Challenges section of your journal and check that the challenge criteria is completed. In some cases we have seen the journal display misleading information at this step. Completing the challenges as they appear in the challenge section should allow access to the Tombs.


Are you having trouble opening the 4 Tombs? Click here for our Tomb of the Legionnaires Challenges Guide.

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