Anthem: Check out the official launch trailer

Anthem: Check out the official launch trailer

In a few days, the new brand from BioWare will be released with Anthem. To prepare for the adventure, the official launch trailer is now available.

Over the past few months, BioWare’s “Mass Effect” and “Dragon Age” makers have been working on completing their new brand.

This is called Anthem and is playfully understood as an action role-playing game that also supports a cooperative multiplayer component. Anthem transports players into a world left unfinished by the gods. In this world, a dark force is emerging as a threat to humanity.

The official trailer for the approaching launch

But the freelancers stand between this enemy and the ancient technology that dark power seeks. Players explore sprawling ruins, fight deadly enemies, and gain alien artifacts. Mission by Mission you and her Javelin Combat Suit gain in strength.

In Europe, Anthem will be released this Friday, February 15 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. To prepare for the approaching release, the official launch trailer for the action role-playing game is now available. As promised in the run-up to the release, Anthem will be supported with new content in the long term after the launch. It starts already next month.

Since the post-launch content is sent into the race for free, BioWare executives deliberately renounce the name DLC. Instead, the new content is sent under the name of file in the race. The first act is called “Echoes of Reality” and consists of three episodes.

The three episodes in turn got the names “Evolving World”, “Stronger Together” and “Cataclysm” donated. Content that will be included in Anthem with the first additional episodes will include another Stronghold, Quality of Life enhancements, guilds, leaderboards, or an advanced progression system.

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