Anthem comes without PvP and many players think that’s great

Anthem comes without PvP and many players think that’s great

Anthem will not offer PvP mode for launch. A player on Reddit has now given a few reasons why the lack of PvP can be positive for the game.

That’s it: The developers of Anthem have already confirmed that the shooter will bring to the release no PvP mode. Whether a competitive multiplayer still follows, is according to BioWare completely dependent on the feedback of the community.

In the Anthem Subreddit, the player MaxDetroit has now presented his reasons why for him the missing PvP is not only no problem, but actually an advantage for the game. The post received over 3,800 upvotes in just four hours.

That’s his reasons MaxDetroit claims to be a fan of PvP itself. Nevertheless, in his opinion, there are other reasons that speak against the competitive multiplayer.

Reason 1: Balancing. So it would be much easier to tune a weapon or a Javelin for one mode only, rather than for PvE and PvP. As a result, Anthem would never have the problems of making a skill or weapon stronger or weaker simply because they were too strong or too weak in one mode.

Actually, BioWare Nerfs could save itself completely without PvP and focus on buffing weaker weapons. After all, the freelancers do not play against each other but with each other.

Reason 2: Breaking up the community. As with other games, Anthem’s community would be split into two camps: the players who like to play PvP and the ones who do not. In addition, nobody would be forced into PvP who does not want to.

Such a problem exists with Destiny 2, where PvE players hate being forced into PvP.

In addition, the developers would not have to worry about a fair matchmaking, different queues or specific quests for PvP.

Reason 3: Toxicity. According to MaxDetroit, pure PvE games often have a friendlier community than PvP games or those that have both. For example, the lack of PvP at Anthem could lead to a friendlier fan community in the game and its related forums.


That’s what the community says

In subreddit, the players are split over the lack of PvP at Anthem. Although the contribution of MaxDetroit has many advocates, some players disagree.

For example, there are players who do not want to play Anthem without a PvP mode. Others have doubts about whether the shooter without PvP over a longer period of motivation.

Whether the game is worth it even without PvP, you can try out the Open Demo. What do you think? Does Anthem need a PVP mode? Use the comment function below!

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