Anthem: Ensures complete crashes on the PS4 – Sony apparently offers occasional refunds

Anthem: Ensures complete crashes on the PS4 – Sony apparently offers occasional refunds

Currently, users complain on the online platform Reddit that Anthem on their PlayStation 4 consoles ensures complete crashes. In individual cases, Sony should have persuaded to refund the affected person the purchase price.

Under a good star the publication of Anthem did not seem to be from the beginning. So the players complained quickly about various technical and playful quirks.

In particular, the PlayStation 4 players seem to suffer from the technical problems of Anthem. This is illustrated by a look at the online platform Reddit, where sufferers complain of their suffering. According to the users, it is above all the uncontrolled crashes of Anthem that make their lives difficult.

The PS4 console crashes uncontrollably

In the “best case”, players will end up in the main menu of their PlayStation 4 console following the crash of “Anthem”. However, the crashes do not always run smoothly. But on the contrary. According to those affected, it can sometimes get worse. Thus, the console partially completely turns off and initiates a reboot once a corresponding system check in the way.

“That happened to me too. The worst thing is, when the console turns off, it’s like pulling the power plug out of the wall. The console has to repair itself and my external hard drive, “it says among other things.

Occasionally refunds are offered

It is therefore understandable that those affected are quarreling about the technical condition of “Anthem” and feel cheated out of their money. As will be discussed in the further course of the thread, Sony should have started to offer refunds. However, with these we are obviously dealing with individual cases that can not be claimed by all disappointed buyers.

BioWare and Electronic Arts did not want to comment on this topic so far. Recently, however, it was at least promised that internal work is already being done on new content and improvements to “Anthem”, which will find its way into the game in the coming weeks.

Source: Reddit

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