Anthem: Guilds, New Missions and more – Next 90 Days Roadmap Revealed

Anthem: Guilds, New Missions and more – Next 90 Days Roadmap Revealed

What are the players of Anthem in the next three months to expect new content? The creators of EA and BioWare reveal it with the official roadmap to Act 01 “Echoes of reality”.

Even if Anthem has already received a heavy broadside before the official release with disappointing test scores and price reductions, of course Electronic Arts and BioWare are still sticking to the title. In this sense, from the current perspective, long-term support can be expected. It would not be the first “GaaS” game ever improving over time.


Check out the official Anthem roadmap

With an official roadmap, the makers have now provided an outlook on the coming 90 days. The contents of this period are summarized under the title Act 01 “Echoes of reality”. This first season includes freeplay events, cosmetic items, missions and general quality of life enhancements.


There Be Giants available

Three Freeplay events are planned in February. With “There Be Giants” the first event of this kind was already live. There are four powerful Titans included. Later in the month, the Freeplay events “Outlaw Outrage” and “Shaper Surge” will follow.

The two events “There Be Giants” and “Outlaw Outrage” will be made available again in March, while two previously unnamed events will be offered. In March, the first phase of the legendary missions will also be launched. Next is to give it in the coming month, new rewards.


Introduction of guilds

Further new content will follow in April: players will be offered additional freeplay events, rewards and an advanced progression system. The second phase of the legendary missions will also be unlocked. In addition, a new Stronghold entitled “The Sunken” will be unlocked.

Furthermore, weekly challenges, rankings and guilds are expected. This will be followed by the largest content drop in May 2019, including “Cataclysm”. Overall, Act 01 is composed of three major phases.

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