Anthem: Loot Drop Rate Changes

Anthem: Loot Drop Rate Changes

Some time ago, BioWare accidentally increased the drop rate of high-level loot in Anthem at times. Now that this bug has been fixed, players are now demanding that they increase the drop rate again, as the fun with too-low rewards seems to fall by the wayside.

EA and BioWare have left plenty of potential behind in the online co-op action game “Anthem,” as numerous tests and player opinions reveal. Not only the technical condition of the launch title was reported to be underground.

BioWare’s developers recently made another mistake with the release of an update that was supposed to fix several bugs. Accidentally, the update also significantly increased the drop rate of high-level loot. A short time later, BioWare reversed this error, without clarifying the details in the patch notes.

Players want to boycott Anthem

On the one hand, the players were stunned by the lack of transparency, especially since the developers previously emphasized the importance of making any change to the community clear. Only when asked, was the original mistake admitted to have accidentally increased the drop rate and finally to have undone the error.

However, the bigger problem seems to be that the players have seen through the said mistake that the title is much more fun with a better drop rate than with the lower drop rate of high quality loot. On Reddit, a player challenges the community to give up playing Anthem for a week to show EA and BioWare how important this concern is to them.

The Reddit user calls the Anthem players to protest blackout, which will take place from 11 to 15 March 2019. The post on Reddit has found numerous advocates. Whether EA and BioWare can be impressed by this so-called protest, however, should be doubted.

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