Anthem: Matchmaking and Server Problems – PC Fixes

Anthem: Matchmaking and Server Problems – PC Fixes

Anthem were released un officially and for everyone, on PC and consoles. The PC version of Anthem, however, has enormous errors and problems. For example, no matchmaking, server not found, errors in getting live service data, performance issues, and more.

We have compiled a list of errors and problems. Not only that, we’ve also listed fixes and workarounds for these issues.

You can find news, patch notes and guides on Anthem on our overview page.


No Servers Found, Matchmaking Fix

Because it’s a live service game, it’s annoying when a game does not connect to servers. Anthem is also faced with matchmaking and no server has found the problem, and the fix is ​​simple.

Open the Origin client, go to your library and right-click Anthem, now select Update Game. Not much will happen, but the game statistics will update. Now start the game and the issues with Anthem Matchmaking will be fixed.


Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data Fix

This is another bug in the PC version of Anthem. To resolve this issue, open the Origin client and right-click on Anthem and select “Game Properties“.

Go to advanced launch options and change the language of the game. The game will be updated, and then the game will start, and the errors in retrieving Anthem Live Service data will be resolved.


Game does not start, crash on start – Troubleshooting

Some players report that nothing happens at the start of the game and the Anthem is not started. If you’re still using the old AMD CPUs, the problem is the mandatory support of SSE4.1. This is especially true for AMD Phenom II CPUs.

If your CPU does not support the SSE4.1 instruction set, you can do nothing but upgrade your System. Bioware may also fix the problem shortly.

If you have a CPU with SSE4.1 support, uninstall all “Microsoft Visual C ++” and reinstall.

If you have a crash right at the start, it could be a problem with your antivirus program like Windows Defender. Sometimes anti-virus software detects the exe file of the game as a Trojan virus. You need to disable your antivirus software or an exception for the game version of Anthem.


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