Anthem: Missing Features from the Trailer

Anthem: Missing Features from the Trailer

Anthem was announced with some cool trailers. On Reddit, players are now asking, “Where are some of the features from the videos in the game?

Featrues you could miss in Anthem

What do the players miss? In the anthem subreddit the player TheWalkingDerp_ has cut together some features from trailers and gameplay videos to the game. These things could be seen in the videos, but can not be found in the final game. Among other things, he lists these features:

  • Start missions from a Strider
  • Sudden explosions or dense flocks of birds in the open game world
  • Enter Strongholds from the game world
  • The dynamic appearance of enemies instead of appearing from a portal

The post has already accumulated over 7000 upvotes and 1300 comments. Some players agree with TheWalkingDerp_ or even write what they miss out on the trailers or what they would like to see in the game.

What do the players want? Many players who responded in the post wish to enter the Strongholds through the open game world. A player desires to be able to jump into freeplay and then have access to everything they can do in the game.

Another freelancer misses the own behavior of enemies. In trailers you often saw camps of different enemy groups and how the creatures went about their daily work. In the finished game you fly now rather to a place where the enemies appear.

BioWare replies: Lead producer Ben Irving spoke up in the post, saying things change as game development progresses. There are millions of reasons why ideas evolve.

BioWare shared as much as possible with the players. Some things are not the same in the game as they were in the course of development. That would not be due to the fact that BioWare was not honest at the time, but because the features had changed in the course of development.

Do you miss features from the trailers? What would you like to see in the game?

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