Anthem: Parts of the World Map Revealed

Anthem: Parts of the World Map Revealed

Anthem World Map

Anthem will be one of the most popular 2019 games, already next month. Recently, a live stream to Anthem showed some of the game – one of the things we saw in the livestream was the map of Anthem.

This is not the full map of Anthem, as you can see below, it is just a section of the map (published on Reddit). Nevertheless, it is easy to see how big it is, while we also see some names of areas in the world of Anthem.

The size of the world map is not really something that BioWare has not talked about much yet. On the other hand, we’ll probably hear a lot more about it as soon as the demo of the game goes live next week.

Anthem World Map

Anthem Demo Registration

If you want to play the demo of Anthem you have to either wait for the public demo on February 1st or you have to pre-order Anthem. All pre-orderers can already play the VIP Demo on January 25th.

The VIP Demo for Anthem will also reward you with an exclusive item! Here you will find all the details of the demo.

Anthem launches on February 22 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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