Anthem Patch creates new loot problems, players are annoyed

Anthem Patch creates new loot problems, players are annoyed

Yesterday a new Anthem update was released. With the game Update 1.0.4 (Patch 1.06) there have been some changes. Unfortunately, however, two bugs have crept in, which hit the players in a vulnerable spot: the loot.

However, after the update was uploaded the players reported an annoying thing:

  • Bosses in fortresses drop less loot after the patch than before
  • Players can pick their own loot for you


BioWare has already responded and confirmed that the two issues are bugs. These are examined to provide a fix as soon as possible.

Bosses drop less loot: This bug bothers players the most. Instead of giving the players more loot, the end bosses in the fortresses now drop less loot because of the bug.

Patch 1.06 / 1.0.4 should actually ensure that the bosses next to the guarantee masterful item to give another loot. This loot should also have the chance to be Mastery or Legendary.

Other players pick up loot: Other players in the squad can pick up your loot, since the update. Even though they can not even see a foreign loot. The loot is not stolen, because it goes straight into the pocket of the rightful owner.

Written by: Carizma

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