Anthem: Patch Notes for Day One – Feedback

Anthem: Patch Notes for Day One – Feedback

Prior to the official release of Anthem, the Day One update has already been released. While some players enjoy improved load times, others report lower performance and more bugs.

What is this patch? BioWare released a Day-One patch shortly before the official release of Anthem, intended to solve many of the Action RPG’s issues. The patch notes include about 170 entries for improvements.

Among the highlights of the patch include improving the loading times and the resolution of the “infinite loading screens”.

How big is the update? The Anthem subreddit states that the patch on the PC is about 4.84 GB in size. Xbox One players report a size between 4.84 and 5.2 GB. On the PlayStation 4 can be assumed to be about the same size.

That’s what the players say about the Day One patch of Anthem

Players celebrate loading times: Some players report in Anthem Subreddit of the improved loading times. Especially the players who have installed Anthem on an HDD and not on an SSD seem to feel the improvement, writes KaneDrakkonis.

He reports that his game starts faster and the loading time from the end of an expedition to the forge is about 15 to 20 seconds.

Better performance on Xbox: The user Tycoonchoo writes in his post that he plays on the classic Xbox One and the performance has greatly improved. So his load times have halved and he can play with a solid 30fps in Fort Tarsis.

The gameplay feels smoother and he hardly experiences any more framedrops.

From the MeinMMO community, Ritsu reports that he was positively surprised by the patch: “Actually, I was not so optimistic anymore, as many weapons and other things were banned, but if they can handle all problems so quickly, then I only say. Well done Bioware and keep it up! “

Other players report problems: while some players celebrate the latest update, others still seem to be struggling with problems. For example, users report that the patch did not bring any change to them or even worsened performance.

For example, Joe2030 writes in the anthem subreddit that he has dropped from a stable 60fps to 30fps due to the patch on the PC. In the post, other players report that their performance has deteriorated and they have had to lower their graphics settings.

Other issues will be missing sound, stuttering or freezing of the image as well as bugs that affect the shields and health of the Javelin. For example, one player reports that he is barely able to play with his interceptor because he only sees two health blocks instead of the usual ten blocks.

What are your thoughts about the Patch from Day One? Use the comments below!

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