Anthem – PC controls feel kind of weird – this should be changed

Anthem – PC controls feel kind of weird – this should be changed

Cheers folks, would you also agree that the PC controls of Anthem feel kind of strange? Don’t worry, it should be fixed until the final release version!

Players of the VIP-Demo of Anthem were wondering about the PC controls. Some annoyed Players shared their experiences in the www and other Social Medias.

Especially flying and swimming feels very unusual, you could say “not right”. Also the keyboard entries did not feel constistently.

BioWare calmed down the croud and announced that the controls will be changed until the release of the final version.

PC Controls of Anthem are already changed

As the Lead Produver Ben Irving announced in the Anthem-Subreddit, the developers realized the feedback of the VIP-Demo-Players and already changed the PC controls. Unfortunatelly these changed did not find a place in the open demo. But for sure they will included into the final game version.

For example they have improved the controls for aiming and the flight controls. As a result o that the range for flying and swimming should have been doubled compared to the one that could have been experienced in the VIP Demo. So there should be be a bigger range of DPI-Settings available for the mouse controls.

Moreover there will be an automatic centering for swimming and flying. If you do not move your mouse, the cursor will be centered after a while.

Anthem will use a correct “Raw Input” for the aiming. So there will be used the direct signals from the mouse, which will not be effected by any Windows settings or other programs.

Try the Open Demo of Anthem!

You want to experience Anthem without these changes? Then hurry up and get the first impressions while playing the Open Demo that is available at the moment!

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