Anthem: Preview of Patch 1.05 on March 12 – Highlights

Anthem: Preview of Patch 1.05 on March 12 – Highlights

UPDATE March 9: Anthem Patch 1.05 is released ahead of schedule today, this has been revealed on Reddit. Here’s all the time and patch notes 1.05.

EA and BioWare have announced a new update to Anthem, so Anthem Patch 1.05 will be released on March 12th. The announcement for the update was made via a live stream, we show you the highlights from the upcoming patch.

What about all the bugs in the game? Anthem fights release with some mistakes, most recently rumor has it that Anthem could even destroy PS4. According to EA, many bugs that cause crashes are resolved with Anthem Patch 1.05.


Highlights from patch 1.05 on March 12th


  • Many bugs and crashes on PS4, Xbox and PC should be fixed
  • Level 1 weapons will be weakened, they will then do less damage than Endgame weapons
  • Problems with the Quickplay should be solved
  • Problems with locked doors or spawning behind closed walls should be reduced
  • Sound and General Audio issues are fixed.



  • From level 30, ordinary (white) and unusual (green) items are removed from the loot pool



  • The error with the message “Server shuts down” in Freeplay will be fixed



  • You can start an expedition from anywhere in Tarsis. You do not have to go to your Javelin anymore
  • The Colossus takes less time to recover when flying against objects or overheating
  • Many respawn restriction sites have been removed, with a 30 second timer added


This is just an excerpt of what awaits us with the upcoming Anthem update, the actual patch notes 1.05 will be available on March 12th.

Written by: Carizma

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