Anthem – Spaces you did never see before

Anthem – Spaces you did never see before

In the past Anthem demos, players were able to explore a small part of the map. A video on YouTube shows what the freelancers are expected to do.


Check out the new places that you did not see before

In the past open demo for Anthem, players have already gotten a taste of the world of BioWare’s shooter games. However, the playing area in the demo was limited. If players wanted to explore the world beyond the “test limits”, they were teleported back after a few seconds.

The creator WiLLiSGaming now shows large parts of the map of Anthem. The card was still in development at the time, but still gives a glimpse of what players can expect.

WiLLiSGaming was able to record the video at an event and explore the map in peace. There are no creatures to see, instead the different places in Anthem are in the foreground.

In the demo, when the forest with the giant trees was over, the creator shows what is in the northern part of the map. At the huge trees a powerful Titan appeared at the event.

In one scene, WiLLiSGaming’s Storm stands on a huge mountain, below it a ravine in which thick fog, which could already be clouds, gathers. In the distance, a strange, wooded platform can be seen, while strange, twisted buildings rise to the right.

Instead of rushing straight off the mountain, the creator unfortunately flies into a tube that takes him directly into the valley.

In another scene, WiLLiSGaming dives into a lake that initially harbors alien fish, before it gets darker and darker in depth. Suddenly purple-flashing algae-like plants appear. Creepy!


Check out the video with these exciting places

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