Anthem: Update Announced – Loot Problems and New Patch

Anthem: Update Announced – Loot Problems and New Patch

Update April 8th – 10:30 EDT: The update has been released, update version is available for download. You can find the Patch Notes 1.08 here.

BioWare has announced that on Monday, the 8th april, a new Anthem update will be released. The anthem patch is scheduled to be released around 9am.

The Anthem Patch on Monday is supposed to fix some loot problems, since the last patch 1.0.4 there was a lot of criticism from the community. While there is a lot of loot, the master and legendary items are more than rare.


Preliminary Patch Notes – Anthem Update on 8.4.

There are no official patch notes yet, so it is not known if it will be a pure server update or if Anthem PS4 Patch 1.07 (update version 1.0.5) will be released.

The following details are known so far:

  • The update addresses issues with the components for the wrong javelin.
  • Rewards from the Elysian stores are to be displayed immediately after the end of the fortresses.
  • General fixes, issues from patch 1.0.4 are to be fixed.


Once the Anthem update is online Monday and BioWare releases the official patch notes, we will provide all the details for you.

All news about Anthem can be found on our topic page.

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