Anthem: Update take a look at the changes – Patch 1.04

Anthem: Update take a look at the changes – Patch 1.04

Today, the mixed-action action role-playing game Anthem gets patch 1.04. As announced, the developers of BioWare take on as part of the update of the criticized looting mechanics.

Shortly after starting with Origin Access Premier, it emerged that the BioWare-developed action role-playing game “Anthem” has to contend with various technical and playful quirks.

Among other things, the players criticized the loot system of Anthem. As Ben Irving, the lead producer responsible for the new BioWare adventure, said, the developers took the player feedback to heart. The first changes to the loot system of “Anthem” will already find their way into the game with an update tomorrow, Friday.

Useless statistics and more are being revised

Among other things, the players complained that they won far too much inferior and thus useless loot. Here, according to Irving will be improved accordingly. Furthermore, the developers of BioWare want to accept the inscriptions that brought useless statistics with it. For example, it could happen that the users received additional assault rifle damage for a sniper rifle.

With the next update the inscriptions should be revised. The white and green items are again removed from the Level 30 drop tables. We also reduce the number of materials needed for a masterpiece. Finally, we talk about further adjustments and bug fixes. The complete changelog for tomorrow’s update can be found on Reddit.

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  1. David March 1, 2019 | Reply

    But what about the more important aspects like the general mechanics that are far more important than loot. Let’s turn focus to the more basic needs of the game like the constant disconnects, not being able to revive players, quick play missions that result in infinite enemy spawns and no progress into the mission, the loot system is not as important as being able to actually play the game! The chase of what needs to be patched and what doesn’t (yet) is just crazy. Focus is in the wrong place. Look to your forums and see what people say

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