Anthem: When will you be able to found guilds?

Anthem: When will you be able to found guilds?

The Developers of Anthem use to update the community through social media. For this time they announced some information regarding guilds and explained the alliance system to their community.

The Lead Producer Ben Irving announced through Anthem-Subreddit news about the alliance system. He expained how the alliances will be used in the game und also announced that Anthem wont have any guilds at the release status.

There are no information about the date when guilds find their way to Anthem. As BioWare has told they are attending to implement a guild system as soon as possible after the Launch. They will keep the community updated.

In the meantime players will be able to use the alliances. BioWare says that Alliances are a great opportunity to support the social interactions in Anthem.

What are the Alliances in Anthem

You and your friends will be rewarted through the alliances. With each activity, as playing missions, contracts, freeplay or strongholds, you will gain experiences, that effect the alliance system. The gained experienced from your group members also goes to the alliance. Moreover the experiences from the players that are in your friends list, that are around in the Anthem world without you, goes into the alliance.

As a result of that, you will be rewarded with an amount of coins that is related to the amount of experience that is collected in the alliance system.

Coin is the game currency used to purchase various items in the game. Among other things, you will also be able to acquire a certain number of materials for crafting as well as cosmetic items in the cash shop with coins.

Will you miss guilds? What is your opinion about the alliance system? Use the comments below?

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