Anthem: Which Javelin suits to you

Anthem: Which Javelin suits to you

In Anthem, your character will slip into battle suits, called Javelins. At the beginning there are four classes available: Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm. Learn here what is known about these four suits.

What are Javelins? Javelins are in principle the classes of Anthem who have their individual talents. So the Colossus is like a tank or the Interceptor an assassin. The combat suits can be exchanged between the missions, which is why you are not tied to a fixed class.


How to pick your Javelin in Anthem

There are four different Javelins: They all have their own abilities and thus offer different gameplay. Your character (the Freelancer) and the Javelin Fighter Suits continue to evolve independently in the game. The level of the freelancer determines your strength.

When is which javelin unlocked? New javelin will be unlocked when level 2, 8, 16 and 26 are reached. All start with the ranger and then you decide the order itself.


Ranger – The Allrounder and Starter in Anthem

Anthem Ranger Guide

What makes the ranger? This Javelin is a classic all-rounder that can do a bit of everything and is thus versatile. He can use a wide range of weapons and abilities. All players start in Anthem with the ranger. Then players decide freely in which order they want to unlock the others.

The ranger is the first javelin for players, according to BioWare, because it’s so versatile. Beginners will approach him with Anthem’s combat suits. Experienced players will be able to build a variety of builds for the ranger to prepare for any situation.

How To Fight Ranger – His Skills: Ranger can be equipped with various grenades that often cause high area area damage. Similarly, there are modified grenades that trigger certain effects, such as frost.

On the wrist, the Ranger has a shooting device that is loaded with different modules. Among them are, inter alia, remote missiles, poison arrows or sparks.

Ranger in fast profile:

  • Focus: versatility
  • Offensive style: individual goals
  • Defense Ability: Sprint
  • Jump type: double
  • Gameplay: Soldier



Ranger is ideal for: Players who like to experiment with their builds and do not want to commit to a role. Its versatility makes Ranger equally suitable for beginners and experts alike. His motto is: “Easy to learn, but difficult to master.”

If you are still fresh, you can test a variety of weapons and abilities with Ranger. Once you know how to build a javelin, you’ll enjoy crafting some very special gear.

If you come from a classic shooter direction, Ranger might be the ideal choice for you. He works like a futuristic soldier. He can do quick sprints, has a wide range of weapons, and his skills are very much geared to the use of grenades.


Colossus – The aggressive Tank

Anthem Colossus Guide

What makes the Colossus? This is the massive, but aggressive tank in the round. That’s why he moves a bit more cumbersome than the other classes. He is equipped with a powerful artillery, with which he triggers a firework of explosions. Flamethrower, a jet engine and a big cannon are part of his arsenal.

The Colossus provides damage reduction and can protect his group. He may be better armored than the other Javelins, but the Colossus stands for brute force and is a mere killing machine.

How Colossus Fights – His Skills: The Colossus is a running artillery and has a heavy launcher. He is therefore the only Javelin equipped with heavy weapons. Colossus fires with projectiles, explosions and elementary projectiles just around him.

As the group’s tank, Colossus has a higher defense than the other Javelins. His strengthening systems have abilities that attract opponents. Handy to distract annoying opponent groups!

Colossus in fast profile:

  • Focus: Resilience
  • Offensive style: multiple objective
  • Defense Ability: Shield
  • Jump type: rocket
  • Gameplay: Relentless tank



Colossus is ideal for: Players who rush into battle with brute force. If you prefer powerful explosions and a rough style of play, you will enjoy the massive war machine.

As a tank of the group, Colossus is also responsible for protecting his team. Due to its stronger armor, Colossus comes with a higher defense. You can use it to attract your opponents, whether it’s the protection of the group or more sacrifices for your brute guns.

If you are worried about the word “tank”, that you are passively fouling opponents, take this care. For Colossus: Brutal attack is the best defense!


Storm – The Elementar-Mage

Anthem Storm Guide

What makes Storm? Storm is most likely to be compared to a magician class that uses forces of nature such as fire, electric storms, or wind. Storm has a high attack, but has little defensive characteristics.

Experienced players know that they prefer to attack at distance with the Storm and not position themselves directly at the front. Storm is also designed for vertical gameplay and prefers attacking from above.

How Storm Fights – His Skills: Storm is equipped with various seals that unleash the power of the anthem. With these seals Storm uses mainly elementary attacks. Elements have opposite strengths and weaknesses, as in Pokémon.

His skills are based on area damage, forcing entire groups of opponents to their knees. He should control opponent groups and switch off. Even Storm’s melee attack hurls opponents. This makes it clear again that Storm is designed for ranged combat.

Storm in fast profile:

  • Focus: Firepower
  • Offensive style: area damage
  • Defense Ability: Blink / Teleport
  • Game Type: Glass Cannon



Storm is ideal for: Players who are into magical classes, with high firepower and a deliberate style of play. Storm is one of the trickier javelins and requires a bit of macro management. The most effective Storm is namely in the air. From there, he lets his elemental attacks pelt down on opponents like a force of nature.

However, javelins need constant cooling when in the air, otherwise they lose their flying power. You have to weigh well when landing is safe for you. On the ground, Storm has a low defense because his shield is weaker there.

If you like playing games as a supporter, Storm could be the right choice for you. His buff seals are designed to defend and buff the group. With his elemental powers, he is also able to severely restrict opponents by freezing them.


Interceptor – The fast and agile assassin

Anthem Interceptor Guide

What makes the Interceptor? This Javelin is the most elegant and lightweight of the combat suits, making it fast on the move. The Interceptor plays like an assassin, rushing into battle and out again. He is not as strong as the other Javelins, but balances out with his maneuverability.

With the Interceptor, you will especially fall into melee combat. It is standard equipped with double-sided daggers.

How To Fight Interceptor – His Skills: Introducing the Interceptor as a futuristic ninja with daggers and throwing stars. His razor-sharp attacks are extremely precise. Likewise, he also has some properties that poison opponents.

Interceptor is designed for maneuverability. He should quickly scurry through the enemy masses and can also withdraw quickly in times of need.

Interceptor in fast profile:

  • Focus: flexibility
  • Offensive style: single target
  • Defense Ability: Triple Sprint
  • Jump type: triple
  • Gameplay: Fast and accurate



Interceptor is ideal for: Players who value high mobility and precision. Interceptor is among you for the rogues and assassins. He is designed to slash his way through the battlefield with his sharp blades.

If you also like to watch the combat situation and seek out individual victims, then Interceptor is ideal for you. He does not come with large area damage therefore. With Interceptor, you can search for threats and, unnoticed, decide the battle for your team.

Also, if you enjoy being close to the action, you should also bet on Interceptor. With him you fight only at a distance, if you want to weaken your opponent first with a poison bomb, before you miss him the fatal blow.


This is how the Javelins skill system works

Javelins have unique pieces of equipment: these can be modified and provided with different skills. There are two attack equipments for the damage and one defense equipment for the defense. Within these three categories you can tinker with your modifications:

  • Storm: Blast Seal, Focus Seal, Strength Seal
  • Colossus: artillery, heavy launcher, strengthening systems
  • Ranger: guards, launcher, strengthening systems
  • Interceptor: Attack System, Hit Systems, Strength Systems


Fixed skills: Javelins also have skills that can not be exchanged. These are their ultima, melee attacks and the combo effect.

Combo effects for more damage

Combos allow you to connect attacks and skills. This triggers an effect that varies from Javelin to Javelin.

For a combo, you need primers and detonators:

  • Primers: Primers cause elemental damage.
  • Detonators: Detonators trigger the combo effect when they hit an opponent who was previously hit by a primer attack. They are then marked by an “explosion icon”


Every Javelin has an Ultima ability

What are those skills? Each Javelin has a unique Ultima ability that is significantly stronger than the usual skills of the suits. These skills can be crucial to the outcome of a fight. So you should always use it at the right moment.

The Ultima skills need to be charged slowly before they can be used. By defeating enemies or supporting allies, it boosts its Ultima ability faster.

All Ultima in the video: Below you can see each of the Ultima capabilities in action. Below the video you will find a short description of the super strong attacks.

  • Storm – Elemental Storm: Summoning a flood of energy, the Storm devastates a target area – and any enemy unlucky enough to be there.
  • Colossus – High Explosive Mortar: Fire an explosive projectile to devastate an area and every enemy within.
  • Ranger – Multi-Target Rocket Storm: Bring down a volley of missiles that automatically capture dozens of targets on your enemies.
  • Interceptor – Double-sided daggers: The Interceptor uses 2 double-sided daggers in close combat to inflict hitting enemies.


Modifications: Javelins are customizable

Battle adaptation: Javelin combat suits and their associated weapons can be modified and personalized. Players collect new equipment in the world and continue to rise as they defeat enemies. Milestones are reached.

These achievements will unlock opportunities to further customize the Javelins and tailor them to their own style.

Loot to modify: Which loot the players find on missions depends on which Javelin they have just equipped. All players in the group receive individual loot.

Adaptation in appearance: The optical customization of the javelin is quite extensive. You can customize parts such as the head and torso individually or stick films on the javelin. You can also create colors for the javelin yourself.

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