Apex Legends: 16.000 cheaters have been banned so far

Apex Legends: 16.000 cheaters have been banned so far

With more than 25 million players, Apex Legends has also attracted a large number of cheaters, against which Respawn Entertainmen is actively involved. More than 16,000 troublemakers have already banned the developers. A feature for announcing flashy players will apparently be introduced later in the title.

Respawn Entertainment has apparently done a great deal right with the free-to-play Battle Royale shooter Apex Legends. Within two weeks, the shooter has already attracted more than 25 million players. Two million players were on the servers at the same time.

Thus, the title has attracted all sorts of cheaters and other unwanted players. However, the developers are also active against these, so they do not tarnish the gaming pleasure of the regular players for too long. The developers have already banished more than 16.00 cheaters from Apex Legends, Respawn confirmed.

Already thousands cheaters banned in Apex Legends

It is best if the user in question can be convicted with a proof video. In addition, the player must of course be reported. This is currently happening on a special page for reporting scammers.

“Even if you can not provide proof, get your ID and label it and we can examine the account. We have heard your demands for a reporting feature in the game. I’m just saying that this is a very good idea, “said community manager Jay Frechette.

It is therefore expected that in Apex Legends in the near future, a feature for reporting troublemakers will be introduced. Until then, players should make the effort to report the players in the manner described above, so that the developers can watch the incident and possibly lock the player.

What do you think about that issue? Have you been playing against cheaters in Apex Legends so far?

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