Apex Legends: 2 New Weapons – We have first details

Apex Legends: 2 New Weapons – We have first details

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Data Miners found the names of two completely new weapons on a website called Rez. It seems that they join the game in the future. We want to give you the first rough details.

L-Star EMG and Havoc – 2 new weapons for Apex Legends

Havoc Rifle:

The Havoc is an energy rifle and will do 18 Dmg-Points on the body and 36 hitting the head. The general weapon profile seems to be well balanced. The Havoc has also two different shooting modes. One with a single shot and 102 RPM and a automatic mode with 672 RPM.

Source: rez.gg

L-Star EMG

In comparison to the Havic Rifle, the L-Star EMG is a Light Machine Gun with a stronger hit than the Havoc. As a result it will do 42 DMG-points to the Head and 21 to the Body. The LMG will be good for longer distance shots and will have a slower shooting rate than the Havic.

Source: rez.gg

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