Apex Legends: Bonus Pathfinder Skin available without Twitch Prime – Trick

Apex Legends: Bonus Pathfinder Skin available without Twitch Prime – Trick

This Pathfinder skin should really get only users of Twitch Prime in Apex Legends. It’s just a trick but also without Twitch.

What is this skin? Respawn / EA recently made a deal with the twitchTV streaming website clear. Those who have a subscription to Twitch Prime will get a cool “omega-point” skin for Pathfinder. There are 5 Apex Packs.

Receive the Bonus Patchfinder Skin without Prime. Trick announced

Players use this trick now: Some players confirm that they currently do not need a Twitch account in order to secure their free loot. All you have to do is change one shot.

Players select “Apex Legends” in Origin’s library and then click on the sprocket. There you choose “Game Properties” and then “Advanced Startup Settings”. If you now enter the code “+ twitch_prime_linked 1” in the Command Line Arguments area, the game would think that you have linked your Twitch Prime account to Apex Legends. Even if that is not the case.

The next time you log in, the loot would be available in the game.

This trick was shared by CS: GO Community Creator Adam_THR on Twitter with his followers.

Does it really work? On Twitter, players confirm that the trick really works and they get the promised loot from the Twitch Prime gift.

Can one be banished for that? That is unclear at this time. In any case, the “normal” method of linking your twitch prime account to Origin is safe.

How long is the trick? Presumably, this workaround will be quickly resolved once the developers have a solution. It is not assumed that the trick will work for a long time.

Did this trick work for you? Will you try it? Use the comments below?

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