Apex Legends: Dataminer found out informtion for a new Legend

Apex Legends: Dataminer found out informtion for a new Legend

Dataminer have found clues to another new hero in Apex Legends game files. Along with his name, the name of one of his abilities has even been discovered.

Who is the person you are talking about? The website GamingINTEL has discovered clues to a legend called Prophet. This was found by a capability with the file name “prophet_pregoc_target”.

Apex Legends: Who is Prophet?

What can Prophet do? According to the leak, one of his abilities, which makes the legends in Apex Legends unique, will be called “Precognition”. To German “anticipation” or “prior knowledge”. Exactly what Precognition will do is not yet known. However, there are some assumptions:

  • Prophet might know the location of the last ring, much like Pathfinder.
  • Prophet might know where the next support package ends up.
  • Prophet might know where certain loot is on the map.

Especially the last two options are likely to sound as the found code with the tag “target” will target a target related to the ability. So Prophet may be able to target an object and use precognition to see where copies of that object lie.

When does Prophet appear? So far, no exact date for the appearance of Prophet is known. It’s likely to happen after the Apex Legends seasons start in March.

How safe is the information? So far, only a few files were found. So it is not sure when Prophet will come or if he will even find his way into the game.

The files found could also be approaches or rejected plans that have not made it into the balancing of the current legends and therefore exist only as card oak.

Written by: Dom

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