Apex Legends has the 1st new weapon with Havoc

Apex Legends has the 1st new weapon with Havoc

In Apex Legends, a new weapon is now available with the first content update. The new Energy Assault Rifle appears to be well received by the community and at the same time provides some amusing and teasing remarks.

This is the Havoc: With a small update today, on February 20, Respawn has implemented a new weapon, the Energy Assault Rifle Havoc. For the new rifle even a website was set up with some details about the weapon:

Apex Legends Energy Rifle

  • The weapon has the fire modes Autofire and Tracking Beam
  • The Havoc uses energy ammunition
  • The Havoc can use 2 Hop-Ups at the same time, the Turbocharger and the Selectfire Receiver. So she can only use 2 hop-ups, unlike what we had previously assumed 3.


Due to the hop-ups, the behavior of the weapon changes significantly. With the Turbocharger, the Havoc immediately reaches its maximum rate of fire in automatic mode. The Selectfire receiver allows you to switch between the beam and the automatic mode.

To even show the Havoc in action, there is even a short, official promo video.


Apex Legends New Weapon – The Havoc Energy Rifle

Written by: Carizma

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