Apex Legends: Leak reveals exciting detail about the Battle Pass

Apex Legends: Leak reveals exciting detail about the Battle Pass

A leak has revealed new details about the upcoming Battle Pass in Apex Legends. As it stands, the model will be roughly based on the competitor Fortnite and appear in two different variants.

This was found: As reported by the GamingIntel site, Dataminer have discovered some lines in the Apex Legends game files that indicate different versions of the Battle Pass:

Files marked “free“, so for free

Files marked “level_diamond“, diamond level

While “free” seems to suggest a free Battle Pass, “diamond” would probably be a paid version.


Check out the Apex Legends Battle Pass details

What’s in the Battle Pass? Apex Legends wants to introduce seasons starting in March, which should also run similarly as already in Fortnite. For this purpose, a roadmap was published, which shows what should come in the first year everything. New features include:

  • new weapons, two of which we already know
  • new legends, two of which have already been leaked
  • new loot and new maps


What content will be included in the paid Battle Pass and which will come for free is not yet fully known. However, it is likely that maps and weapons are among the free updates.

How safe is the info? Since the info is a leak and the reading of unpublished game files, the info is not 100% secure. However, the GamingIntel site often provides reliable information.

What exactly is the matter, you will learn in March. Since the first season including Battle Pass to go to the start.

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