Apex Legends: Loading Screen Bug – How to fix it

Apex Legends: Loading Screen Bug – How to fix it

UPDATE 2/21/2019: We have a complete list of known bugs for PC, PS4 and XBox One, including troubleshooting! Here it goes to all error solutions

Did you ever get stuck in the loading screen while playing Apex Legends? We tell you how to fix that annoying bug.

The Infinite Loading Screen bug is very simple to explain. If you want to pass the main menu the game gets stuck into a loop and hangs up. Some theories talk about reading problems with game folders and/ or an issue with the account linking with Steam.

You want to know how to solve this Infinite Loading Screen Bug og Apex Legends? Take a look below

First of all use the Task Manager to close Apex Legends and the Origin Launcher.

Now make sure you are actively logged in into Steam.

Next step is to seach for the program “r5apex.exe”. Search for your Drive where you did install Apex Legends (Origin Games Library) and then search for the Apex folder. There you will find the file.

Do a “right click” on the file and then select Properties.

Now choose the Compatibility tab, when the Compatibility Mode is chosen, select to run the program in compatibility for Windows 7. After doing that the next step is to search for a box at the bottom and click on it to run the program as the administrator. Finally click “OK” to save your settings.

Now come back to Apex Legends and wait a couple of time on the main menu, where it prompts the Continue selection. Take a while until the “Data Center” option is available. This will give you information about your Ping and Backet Loss % to the game’s different servers. Now choose the best server and start the game!

One note that is quite important that the problem does not accur in the future is to unlink your Steam.

Did this guide help you to solve the bug? Please share your experiences using the comments below!

Written by: Dom

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  1. Morehealthis May 9, 2020 | Reply

    @muffinface09901 @PlayApex who can I talk to about a bug inside the game about in game voice chat not working?

  2. Eik May 25, 2019 | Reply

    Didn’t work for me either.

  3. Anon March 30, 2019 | Reply

    This worked, thanks!

  4. hasans742 February 14, 2019 | Reply

    For PS4, disconnect from the internet before launching apex legends. When it gives you the error about the net in apex legends, connect back to the internet and you should be in. Worked for me. Not sure for Xbox tho

  5. Hexu February 13, 2019 | Reply

    I have the same issue but on my ps4 and don’t know how to fix it

  6. vavy February 13, 2019 | Reply

    doesn’t work for me T.T

  7. ZeenyMeme February 13, 2019 | Reply

    it didnt help me either , patch 13/2

  8. mat February 12, 2019 | Reply

    didn’t work for me

  9. Sh February 12, 2019 | Reply

    Didn’t work for me neither.

  10. Nils February 11, 2019 | Reply

    didnt work for me either

  11. Dia February 11, 2019 | Reply

    didnt work for me either

  12. Daniel February 11, 2019 | Reply

    Didn’t work for me

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