Apex Legends: Mirage vs Caustic – Which Heroes to Buy First?

Apex Legends: Mirage vs Caustic – Which Heroes to Buy First?

There are currently two legends in Apex Legends that you can not easily play. You have to unlock them first or pay with real money. Therefore, the question is: who is worth more for which type of player?

How do you get the two heroes? The two legends Caustic and Mirage are only available against Legend Tokens or Apex coins. You get it like this:

  • You need 12,000 Legends tokens. You get it through level ups and in turn you earn yourself through experience points. The more aggressive and successful you are in a round, the more XP you get in the end. From level 23 you can unlock one of the two characters.
  • There’s also one of the heroes for 750 apex coins. The coins are only available in the cash-shop. 1,000 coins cost $9.99. 750 are therefore available for about $7.50.


If you do not want to spend too much money or do not make good progress, then you should read the following paragraphs well, where we explain the two characters closer and give tips on who should unlock which heroes first.


This is Caustic: Caustic is a psychopath who likes to kill his fellow humans with poison gas and sees it all as an experiment. He is a rather defensive character, who mines areas with gas traps and so quickly hears when an opponent enters his perimeter.

The poison gas inflicts damage, slows enemies and lifts them out in the gas cloud. Caustic himself looks through the gas clouds and is immune to the poison.

As Ultimate, he can throw a gas grenade that drives opponents out of cover or kills over time.

That’s why you should unlock Caustic: Caustic is ideal for players who like to be tactical and lure opponents into traps. He allows wonderful nasty actions. For example, by imprisoning enemies with gas traps in rooms and slowly leaving the trapped enemies in the gas.

In addition, Caustic is a real villain and ideal for those who like to play bad guys. Keep in mind that his skills are very situational and Caustic can not always be optimally played in offensive maneuvers.


That’s Mirage: The Jester Mirage is one of the funniest heroes in the game. He always has a silly spell and a few skills that can really annoy his opponent. He can always send off an illusion that usually attracts fire.

This is ideal for distracting your opponent in wild battles or to see if the air is clean. If the illusion is fired, you know that there are enemies nearby and they recognize their position.

When shot down, Mirage becomes invisible for a few seconds, leaving behind an illusion. Ideal to escape from a tough situation.

As an ultimate skill, Mirage sends forth multiple illusions and becomes invisible. The effect is similar to the phase of Wraith. This maneuver is ideal for escaping from a tough fight or for distraction.

That’s why you should unlock Mirage: Mirage has the advantage that his skills are very easy to learn. Its tactical quality and its Ultimate work quite similar and can be used intuitively.

On top of that, Mirage supports an offensive style of play and rewards it when you just start playing it and regularly use your skills. In addition, there are still stupid sayings.

Anthem: Which hero is better?

Ultimately, it depends on your individual preference who you unlock first. But the bottom line Mirage is probably recommended for most players:

  • He plays intuitively
  • His skills are better suited to the dynamic gameplay of Apex
  • His skills are less situational


Written by: Dom

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