Apex Legends: New Weapons and NPCs

Apex Legends: New Weapons and NPCs

Dataminer have apparently found new evidence of possible upcoming game content for Apex Legends. There is therefore evidence of new weapons such as a flamethrower and remote turrets and NPCs. However, this new content has not been officially confirmed yet.

For the just six-week-old Apex Legends, more information about possible upcoming content has surfaced. The leaked information is from RealApexLeaks. The Dataminer have found in the program files some pointers to upcoming content and shared on Twitter.

New Weapons and NPCs found by Dataminers

The Dataminer, for example, have already found evidence of a Battle Pass, giving players certain rewards in the form of cosmetic content and bonus XP. Apparently, there will be a paid and a free Battle Bass.

In addition, the developers seem to plan further innovations. These include, for example, new weapons such as flame throwers or a remote turret. New voice data also suggests that new NPCs will be introduced to the free-to-play Battle Royale shooter.

Whether the hints from the Spiedateien are ultimately assigned to actually coming game content, as the Dataminer suspect remains so far still open. But it is quite possible that new weapons and possibly NPCs will be introduced to the shooter. Until the official announcement of new content, however, the information should still be treated with caution.

The first Battle Pass is due to unconfirmed reports this week.

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