Apex Legends: Recommended Weapon Combos

Apex Legends: Recommended Weapon Combos

There are many ways to equip yourself in Apex Legends. It is important to know what you are looking for. We introduce you to our weapon combos for the Battle Royale.

Check out our best of weapon combos in Apex Legends

Who wants to win a victory in Apex Legends, which should be well versed. It is especially important to know which weapon is useful in which situation. Of course, the speed plays a role, with which you get to the appropriate weapons.

Wingman / Peacekeeper, the assault

What is this combination? The combination of the Wingman pistol and the Peacekeeper shotgun is often used by streamers, even though at least the shotgun has already caused frustration. It combines tremendous firepower in itself, but requires accurate targeting from the shooter.

In which situation is it useful? Both weapons are most effective at shorter and short-to-medium distances. They are particularly useful if you play aggressively and want to harass the opponents. Use them in offensive setups with good chances to attack.

These are the advantages:

  • both weapons can use a Threat Detector, which also lets you see enemies through smoke
  • Enormous damage can knock opponents down in a few shots

These are the disadvantages:

  • If you are not aiming, you quickly lose an encounter because of the proximity to your opponent
  • For maximum effectiveness, you need the Hop Ups Precision Choke and Skullpiercer
  • Both weapons can be found less frequently through a balance patch

Alternatives: EVA-8 or R-99 instead of the Peacekeeper

Longbow / Wingman, for snipers

What is this combination? The combination of the longbow sniper rifle and the wingman pistol covers long distances as well as close combat. For this she only needs one kind of ammunition. Who likes to play as reconnaissance and sniper, should resort to this combination.

In which situation is it useful? The combination is especially suitable for the midgame and for situations in which you have a good overview of elevated positions. With the Longbow you can pick up unprotected enemies. The Wingman, who is also high up in our animal list, will cover you if you are ambushed.

These are the advantages:

  • low ammunition consumption, thus more space for grenades and healing
  • Possibility to eliminate well armored opponents
  • good overview and education

These are the disadvantages:

  • You need two Skullpiercer for maximum effectiveness
  • both weapons are slow. If you are overrun, you hardly have a chance

Alternatives: EVA-8 or Peacekeeper instead of Wingman, Triple Take with Precision Choke instead of Longbow

Spitfire / Eva-8, fire protection

What is this combination? This combination consists of the light machine gun Spitfire and the automatic shotgun EVA-8. Although the EVA-8 is often laughed at, it is at the top player Dizzy high on the list of animals.

In which situation is it useful? Both weapons are good at stocking enemies and areas with bullets and shrapnel. You can attack whole squads or give fire protection to friends.

These are the advantages:

  • high damage, especially in confined spaces and at close range
  • large magazines that need to be recharged less frequently in combat

These are the disadvantages:

  • Both weapons consume a lot of ammunition, which limits your inventory space
  • is not suitable for fighting over medium distance

Alternatives: Peacekeeper instead of EVA-8, Devotion with Turbocharger instead of Spitfire

Scout / R-301, the commando soldier

What is this combination? The choice of R-301 and Scout is an “all-rounder” choice. The range of both weapons complements all distances, so you always at least “good” cope.

In which situation is it useful? The loadout is suitable for just about every situation. You have the right answer and a parade for the opponent at hand for every style of play.

These are the advantages:

  • Constant damage on all distances
  • high adaptability through different attachments
  • no hop-ups necessary

These are the disadvantages:

  • only one type of ammunition. If you run out of light ammo, you have a problem
  • no weapon is “outstanding” in their field. The combination only gets stronger with your skill

Alternatives: Hemlok or Flatline instead of R-301

R-99 / Wingman, the melee massacre

What is this combination? With the combination wingman and R-99 you should play, if you want to let it really crack. No matter who comes too close, he will regret it and either die or flee.

In which situation is it useful? For any encounter at short range and especially for house fighting, such as in Skull Town or in the bunker. Here you can heat up opponents properly.

These are the advantages:

  • huge damage output at close range. Also, the rate of fire of the R-99 helps to drive opponents in front of him
  • Both weapons are quickly reloaded, which is very useful in close-range firefights

These are the disadvantages:

  • high ammunition consumption of the R-99
  • barely effective outside melee combat

Alternatives: Peacekeeper instead of Wingman, Alternator instead of R-99

General Tips

When playing, you should be careful to choose weapons that are yours. Even the best weapon will not win you the game if you can not handle it.

By contrast, supposedly weak weapons in the right hands can become deadly. The right movement is important too.

Our combinations are just a guideline and tips for different play styles. You should also consider that you might be better or worse suited to certain tactics through the skills of different legends.

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