Apex Legends: Octane is true – Battle Pass Release Date

Apex Legends: Octane is true – Battle Pass Release Date

Apex Legends Octane

According to insiders, the first season of Apex Legends will come on March 12th and will only be available for real money. In addition, the source claims that the previously leaked images of the Legend Octane are real.

For some time now, players have been wondering when the Apex Legends Battle Pass or Season 1 will start. Insiders want to have an answer to that. Accordingly, it starts on the 12th of March with the first season. That does not seem so unrealistic with regard to previously rumored information. On the other hand, insiders can of course say a lot when the day comes. In the specific case, however, the source should come directly from the environment of the developer. This is reported by the website Daily Eports.

The source is also said to have announced that you can not buy the Battle Pass with the coins that can be created in Apex Legends. If you want the Battle Pass, you have to buy it for real money in the shop. For the price, the report does not give any information.

If it turns out that you get the pass, unlike its main competitor Fortnite, only for money, Electronic Arts could possibly collect negative points again. So far, the release has been pretty painless. Big problems did not happen and the numbers of players went through the roof.

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Source: Daily eSports

Written by: Carizma

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