Apex Legends: The differences between the ammunition types

Apex Legends: The differences between the ammunition types

In Apex Legends there are several different types of ammunition. One developer now gave insights into how these species work: in fact, they do not differ as much as some players thought. But energy ammunition behaves differently.

What are the differences? The developer Sean Slayback answered on Twitter some questions about the game and also went into the issue of ammunition.

It is surprising that the species do not differ as much as assumed. Above all, it surprises the players who have always made science into the choice of ammunition.

What are the types of ammunition for

The developer wrote: Slayback was asked on Twitter three things about the types of ammunition. The developer also answered all of these questions and thus provided a topic of conversation.

Question: I heard that heavy ammo slows down your opponent. Is that correct?
Answer: All types of ammunition slow down your opponent when you hit him

Question: Is it true that light ammo weakens the opponent’s shield?
Answer: Energy ammunition has no extra impact on shields

Question: Energy ammo has no bullet drop?
Answer: Energy ammunition has the highest airspeed and will not slow down

What does that mean? Many players have always made specific theories in the ammo choice. The developer’s answers show, however, that much less is behind the Apex Legends’ minions, as legends suggest.

Thus, all ammunition slows down the opponent and the shield is weakened by any special ammunition. These findings were not yet possible. Now we have the confirmation.

Are there still differences? There are definitely differences between the types of ammunition. These are just not as huge as expected.

The creator “staycation” shows in his video on two types of ammunition how the ammunition differ:

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