Apex Legends: Users complain about Pathfinder Hitbox issues

Apex Legends: Users complain about Pathfinder Hitbox issues

Although Apex Legends had a very successful start, the Battle Royal shooter is by no means free of errors. Instead, the players complain, among other things, about problems with the hit boxes of the Pathfinder. According to official figures, the mistakes are already being made.

With Apex Legends, the “Titanfall” makers of Respawn Entertainment ventured into the Battle Royal genre earlier this month. And that was extremely successful, as it turned out.

So it brought “Apex Legends” within a few days to over 25 million players. A success that can not hide the fact that the new work of the “Titanfall” creators still has to struggle with technical problems. In addition to the netcode, these also affect the hit boxes of the Pathfinder.

Apex Legends developers are already working on the problems

So the players complain that the hit surfaces of the Pathfinder are too big compared to the other legends. Thus, players of the Pathfinder would collect hits that would not be in the end. Affected are therefore the feet, hands, the area between the legs of the Pathfinder and the area around the character model around.

Via Reddit, the Apex Legends community pointed out the problems. As a spokesperson for Respawn Entertainment assured, the studio is already aware of the problems and is working on a solution.

When to expect a suitable update, left the studio open.

Check out the video to see the issues

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