Apex Legends: Users find Titans and Wallruns in the source code of the new update

Apex Legends: Users find Titans and Wallruns in the source code of the new update

Could other elements of the Titanfall series soon find their way into the successfully launched Battle Royal shooter Apex Legends? This could indicate at least corresponding entries in the source code of the new update.

With Apex Legends released Electronic Arts and the Titanfall makers of Respawn Entertainment the free playable Battle Royal shooter Apex Legends.

From the users as the critics Apex Legends was very well received and brings it now to more than 25 million players. According to the community, one of the biggest criticisms is the fact that “Apex Legends” is indeed located in the Titanfall universe, but misses the most important playful characteristics of Titanfall.


Clues to Titans discovered in Apex Legends?

In detail, of course, it’s about the named Titans. But the absence of the iconic Wallruns was repeatedly raised in the international gaming forums. According to recent rumors, the Titans and the Wallruns may sooner or later find their way into Apex Legends. The bone of contention: Corresponding lines, which were found in the source code of the last update and should not be legacy. Instead, they found their way into the code with the current patch.

According to the Dataminer, who came across the aforementioned lines of code, a mode with titans currently seems to be tested by the developers. This indicates the fact that the maximum number of players in the said mode currently amounts to a single user. In addition, a jumpkit and wallruns appeared in the source code. But how realistic is an implementation of said features?

Shortly after the release of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment executives pointed out that Titan Titanium’s titans and fast movement system are not suitable for use in Apex Legends, as it may have upset the entire balancing process becomes.

According to the players, however, it would be conceivable that the Titans find their way into the game as a kind of Ultimate attack or in separate modes. Let’s wait for a statement from Respawn Entertainment.

Take a look at the code snippets!


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