Apex Legends: What can we expect in the future updates?

Apex Legends: What can we expect in the future updates?

For some players of Apex Legends may have some interesting news coming up. According to current information, mobile vehicles can be introduced. There are also notes on the squad sizes and a chappie skin.

Soon in Apex Legends: Vehicles, bigger Squads and Chappie

For example, according to a recent leak, vehicles could soon refresh the gameplay. Corresponding notes have Dataminer found in the program code of “Apex Legends”. In detail, the Dataminer of ApexGameInfo found a reference to a Hoverbike. Corresponding code snippets on spawn points and physics indicate that it is indeed a wheeled vehicle.

Also for the squad size there could be further adjustments in the future. So Dataminer have found evidence that in addition to duos and singles and squads with six, twelve and 24 members could be possible. These code snippets could be remnants from previous experiments. However, there is a good chance that these are still upcoming game modes. For example, Fortnite also has a 50v50 mode, which is very popular.

In addition to new gameplay features such as vehicles and new game modes, other new characters in Apex Legends could find their way into the game. Filmmaker Neill Blomkamp (“District 9”, “Chappie”) believes his character Chappie would fit very well into the game.

After Apex Legends fans recently launched a petition demanding exactly that, Blomkamp confirmed he was open to this opportunity. Shortly thereafter, the respawn founder Vince Zampella, who was also thrilled with the opportunity. Although these are all good prerequisites, the Columbia Film Studio would first have to agree before the work begins.

Whether Chappie may really be introduced as a new heroic character or whether “only” a Chappie Skin will be provided remains to be seen. Maybe nothing will happen in that direction.

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