Ark Survival Evolved PC Patch Notes 309.53 – Update on April 4th

Ark Survival Evolved PC Patch Notes 309.53 – Update on April 4th

Studio Wildcard released a new PC update for Ark Survival Evolved today. We have all the details for the server update on April 4thd.

The Ark Update 309.53 is now available for all PC players. There are some bug fixes and improvements.


Ark Survival Evolved Update 309.53 Patch Notes

  • Completed a full pass on Loot Crates to improve loot variation and quality
  • Fixed 100+ holes, terrain, and level design issues across various maps
  • Magmasaur no longer takes damage from lava on The Center
  • Fixed a mounting exploit with Magmasaur
  • Fixed an issue with Dedicated storage locking behavior on PvE (Players could withdraw items when it was “locked”)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed building within the boss arena on Valguero
  • Made several collision improvements for meshes on Aberration
  • Added a debuff to reduce damage to tames, players, structures for a short duration of time after releasing from cryo.

This can be configured on unofficial servers by using the following command line parameters:

bEnableCryopodNerf, CryopodNerfDuration, and CryopodNerfDamageMult

Where CryopodNerfDamageMult=0.01 means 99% of the damage is removed. This will be enabled on our Official PvP Servers with a 90% reduction for 10 seconds.

  • Parasaurs no longer detect bodies that are not visible or rendered
  • Fixed several missing notifications on gather, retrieve, basketball, hunt, and escort missions
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed Ferox to clip inside enemy structures
  • Ferox can no longer be trapped with a bola
  • Reduced the amount of element received by Red Crystals on Genesis by 33%
  • Increased the amount of materials harvested by the mining drill by 33%
  • Players recover 50% faster from the frozen state left by the Snow Owl dive
  • Removed the Snow Owl heal effect on enemy players and enemy-tamed creatures (wild creatures are still affected)
  • Snow Owl dive slow has been reduced to 2.5 seconds
  • Fixed a bug where Ferox Stats were being rerolled after first time transforming
  • Prevented itchy from stealing cryopods


Source: Ark.Gamepedia

Written by: Carizma

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