Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 16 is Live – Changelog on October 21

Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 16 is Live – Changelog on October 21

Larian Studios released the 16th hotfix patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 today. You can find out below which bugs have been fixed and what else there is.

The new Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 16 (Build 7576081) is now available and can be downloaded from the Steam Launcher. So there are only bug fixes and improvements, no new content or events!


Baldur’s Gate 3 Steam Patch Notes on October 21

  • Enabling Screenspace Sub Surface Scattering (SSSS) no longer causes game to crash.

  • Fixed crash when both DLSS and HDR are enabled.

  • A rare crash that appeared when a follower dies during combat is no more.

  • Zarys will now ignite the barrels and run away after being startled.

  • Bald Duergar are now even balder. Please refer to BG3 as Balder’s Gate from here on out.

  • Glut can now jump – not to be confused with the title of the 1992 Woody Harrelson basketball movie.

  • You can only return Sergeant Thrinn’s boots if you knew they were stolen to begin with.

  • Create Water can now be used to extinguish light sources that it previously could not.

  • Fixed scaling issues of the HDR calibration image with DLSS turned on – it now resizes accordingly.

  • Improved animations and VFX for some Weapon Actions.

  • Lights no longer appear right before starting a cinematic dialogue while the screen is fading.

  • The Prepare action tooltip won’t display negative damage.

  • You can now end your turn after using Flaming Sphere.

  • Made the falling impact damage formula more precise.

  • Characters no longer randomly receive 44 bludgeoning damage. That was weird.

  • Glut and other characters now have their correct portraits.

  • Shadowheart will now have all her spell points when recruited on the beach.

  • Withers now always leaves when dismissed.

  • A number of small UI issues related to saving and loading have been fixed.

  • Improved texture of Halfling dreadlocks.

  • Cancelling interface changes in the Settings menu will now properly revert to the original settings.

  • Myconids will no longer get stuck in an endless self-healing loop after combat.

  • Fixed an AI calculation issue that caused NPCs to pass their turn without doing anything.

  • Fixed the passive feature of Elder Brithvar’s pick weapon.

  • All torches found in Grymforge are now equippable.

  • Resolved a visual issue when opening the lava valve at the Adamantine Forge.

  • Fixed a crash when killing the last enemy at Plea at the Gates combat.

  • Wild Magic: Enchant Weapons properly deal critical damage.

  • Spore Servant and Hook Horror status overlays are no longer bright green.

  • Night Walkers boots now grant immunity to Entangled and Ensnared.

  • Ring of Fire now works on Fire damage from weapon attacks.

  • Horrific Visage’s Mind Flayer no longer faces the wrong direction.

  • Priestess Gut can no longer call guards when silenced.

  • Active rolls are now properly centered on 16:10 resolution screens.

  • Fixed NPC spells sometimes not hitting other NPCs.

  • Whispering Mask effects will now be applied correctly when equipped through the Equipment UI.


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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