Battlefield 2042 Master of Arms brings 100-tier battle pass

Battlefield 2042 Master of Arms brings 100-tier battle pass

Battlefield 2042 Master of Arms is bringing an all-new 100-tier battle pass to the game. Battlefield 2042’s battle pass offers premium and free options like other live-service titles. Any unlocks that affect Battlefield 2042’s gameplay can all be earned through the free battle pass. On the other hand, the premium option gives the player a plethora of cosmetics on top.


A new specialist

One of the biggest additions coming with Battlefield 2042‘s Season 2 battle pass is a Charlie Crawford. He is a new specialist and a former MI6 operative-turned black market arms dealer. However, Charlie’s abilities aren’t nearly as secret as his previous organization. Crawford’s main skill is a mounted Vulcan minigun turret with front and side shields shielding the player from any oncoming fire.


A new EBLC-RAM vehicle and weapons

The new EBLC-RAM unlocks at tier 16 of the battle pass for free and premium users. It is A four-seater jeep with a mounted gun protruding from the top and a machine gun poking out of the front. Furthermore, three new weapons are added to Battlefield 2042 through its Season 2 battle pass. The first of these is unlocked at tier 10, and the AM40 assault rifle. Second is the PF51 SMG pistol which you access at tier 22. Last but not least, Avancys LMG unlocks at tier 34


Final thoughts

Players sticking with the free battle pass have over 20 cosmetic rewards to unlock, ranging from specialist skins to weapon charms and everything in between. If you are planning to upgrade to the premium battle pass, you can get 90 cosmetic rewards on offer, including some highly sought-after legendary specialist takedowns and skins. You will immediately have 20 tiers of battle pass rewards once you upgrade to premium.

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