Battlefield 5: New information on Firestorm this week – Early players receive gifts

Battlefield 5: New information on Firestorm this week – Early players receive gifts

As the release of the World War II shooter “Battlefield 5” approaches, DICE and Electronic Arts executives reveal more and more details about the upcoming game. For example, details of the campaign have recently been revealed, with news this week about the “Firestorm” mode – the Battle Royale mode of “Battlefield 5“.

Details about Tides of War and Firestorm

“I can not wait to talk about Firestorm! Everyone in the studio has put their passion for Battlefield into this mode (and early game tests show that devotion!). We’re focusing on Tides of War next week, so of course we’ll have an update on Firestorm as well”, said Global Community Manager Dan Miter on Twitter.

Criterion Games is known to develop the “Firestorm” mode of “Battlefield 5“, which will be redelivered after the release of the shooter. As has been announced in the near future, it will soon be the first more detailed information about the game mode. Meanwhile, it was already indicated that with “Firestorm” the best of the “Battlefield” universe are offered, which should be used to improve the Battle Royale concept. The ever-shrinking battlefield is blended with features like team play, vehicle combat and destruction.

Gifts for early players

Furthermore, DICE has confirmed on Twitter that the development of “Battlefield 5” has ended with the gold status. In addition it was announced that the players are offered in the launch week two bonus elements. Players receive two gifts: An “Oscar Mike” helmet and badge. These cosmetic items do not affect the gameplay.

Battlefield 5” will be released on November 20, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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