Battlefield 5 Trailer: Battle-Royale “Firestorm” provides room for 64 players

Battlefield 5 Trailer: Battle-Royale “Firestorm” provides room for 64 players

A new trailer of Battlefield 5 gives insights into gameplay, the various scenes and the Battle Royale mode “Firestorm“.

The new Battlefield 5 trailer has lots of information about the upcoming game modes. You can learn more about the venues and there are also new details for the last-win mode.

What we know about the Battlefield V Battle Royal mode – Firestorm

  • The BR mode in Battlefield V is called Firestorm. The name is build from the fact that a wall of fire reduces the play area.
  • 100 players? Not in Firestorm: DICE has broken away from the “typical” 100-player Battle Royale at Firestorm. The mode is apparently only for quad squads. In total there is room for 64 players, so 16 teams.
  • >Mobility in the Electronic Arts Battle Royale, no problem – vehicles are also included: It is now clear that there will also be vehicles in Firestorm mode. Whether these are from the beginning on the map or spawn in the course of a match, this is not clear yet. The trailer shows tanks driving over the Firestorm map.Let us continue to be curious.
  • Time for demolition? Destroy buildings: With the heavy tanks you can destroy some buildings that are scattered on the map. Perhaps an interesting method against campers who hide in or behind buildings.
  • A huge world! The Biggest Battlefield Map: The video reiterates that the Firestorm spectacle is played on the largest map you have ever seen in a Battlefield section.
  • Fire in the whole! Weapons on the map: On the map you should find destructible buildings, weapons and vehicles. Whether these weapons, as usual in Battle Royale games, are distributed throughout the map is unclear. You may also start with some basic equipment and find special weapons on the map to fight for. Like a supply drop in PUBG or Fortnite.
  • Other things to mention! More Muliplayer modes: The rest of the trailer is about the various other game modes. 8 multiplayer modes should be available right at the launch.

Who of you guys is now interested in Battlefield 5?

Check it out and start the preload for the open beta version and get ready to rumble in the Battle Royale! Go here for the preload information!

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