Battlefield 5 Update 6.0 Patch Notes on February 3

Battlefield 5 Update 6.0 Patch Notes on February 3

DICE has released the patch notes for the new Battlefield 5 update. Below you can find the full details.

Battlefield 5 Update 6 can be downloaded and installed now. The first update of the new year brings a lot of brand new content for Battlefield V, which you can unlock and play this Thursday at the beginning of Chapter 6: Into the Jungle.


Battlefield 5 Patch Notes on February 3 – Update 6

What’s New?

  • New Map: Solomon Islands, available on Conquest, Breakthrough, Squad Conquest, and Team Deathmatch

  • New Weapons: Type 11 LMG, Model 37, M2 Carbine (available via Chapter Rank Rewards)

  • New Gadgets: Lunge Mine, M1A1 Bazooka, (available via Chapter Rank Rewards)

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  • Removed the impact of track disable on initial acceleration. This allows for tanks with disabled tracks to escape; however, medium and high speed performance are still heavily impacted.

  • Increased the critical angle from 10 to 20 degrees to better match the visual feedback of having a good angle on an opponent. It was too difficult to tell if you were going to get a critical hit, this increases the margin.

  • Increased the range of the AA and AT HMGs to match the coax.

  • Fixed Panzer 4 AT round only having 4 shells.

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Maps and modes

  • Mercury – Players spawning on tanks will no longer unintentionally end up on foot.

  • Operation Underground – Fixed a rare bug that could stop the attacking team from spawning on Breakthrough.

  • Outpost – The player no longer remains stuck if the tower is destroyed while the player plants it.

  • Wake Island – Decreased the number of tanks to improve map balance on Breakthrough.

  • Wake Island – Players will now be able to deploy even if their squad gets wiped during the last sector on Breakthrough, while playing as the US.

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Weapons & Gadgets

  • Grease gun – We’ve made some subtle tweaks to the Suppressor audio to better separate it from the experience when firing the weapon unsuppressed. 

  • AP Mine – Fixed an issue that was causing the AP mine to not do damage to infantry in Firestorm.

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Weapon Balance

The following changes have been applied to the bolt action rifles muzzle velocity on the Recon class:

  • Ross Rifle: From 600 to 750

  • Type 99: From 600 to 750

We’ll be performing a more substantive pass on our Weapon Balance in our next update for Assault, Medic, and Support. Thank you for all of your feedback on this topic.

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UI & Others

  • Spotted enemies are no longer represented as arrows on the minimap and do not show the direction (they’re now back to diamond shapes).

  • An option to modify the strength of snap zoom has been added for players on Console.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the “Vehicle Buster” combat role to not unlock for some players.

  • Fixed a bug that would show the Deploy screen visible on squad screen after leaving pre-round.

  • Fixed the incorrect wording in the Type 2A Mastery IV assignment.

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  • Online server connectivity improvements that in some rare cases could drop a player from a server 30 seconds after joining it.


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Written by: Carizma

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