Battlefield V: Server Update 11-26-2018 – Patch Notes

Battlefield V: Server Update 11-26-2018 – Patch Notes

DICE has released a new server-side update for “Battlefield 5” which has included some stability improvements. Furthermore, the patch is to ensure that the number of players in the team at the start of a game should no longer be extremely unbalanced.

The people in charge have recently announced that they will release a major update on December 4, 2018. This one will bring the “Tides of War” event to the start and the training mode in the game. “Tides of War” is a developing journey with a new narrative that includes many free content.

Patch Notes – Server Update 11-26-2018

  • Fixed an issue where weapons would stay locked even though the rank requirement had been achieved.
  • Fixed an issue which could result in players getting disconnected when attempting to join a server.
  • Daily assignments that have been completed previously can now be completed again if the player would get it again on a separate day.
  • Improvements to the team balance at the start of rounds. Teams should no longer have a larger uneven number of players.
  • Several stability improvements for the server.


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