Black Desert Online Update 1.89 Patch Notes on June 29

Black Desert Online Update 1.89 Patch Notes on June 29

Pearl Abyss released a new patch for Black Desert Online. We have the full patch notes on June 29.

Black Desert Online Update 1.89 is available for download starting today. Depending on which country you live in, it can come at different times.


Black Desert Online Patch Notes 1.89

There are again many changes, optimizations and bug fixes, the list is very long. Therefore we are only showing you an extract from the official patch notes. Below is the link to the full information.


MAJOR UPDATES – A Pirate with Big Dreams, Corsair

  • Corsair, the pirate with big dreams, is released!
  • 100% of her Succession damage will be based off of Corsair’s main weapon until her awakening is released.
  • Added the “Hall of Adventurers: Corsair” for discussions related to the new class Corsair.


MAJOR UPDATES – Summer Season

  • Black Desert’s Season Servers help new adventurers to settle in quickly and help them rapidly level up.
  • The Serendia-2 and Valencia-2 servers were changed to Season Servers and a Season Event Server was added as Season Arsha for the start of the Summer Season.
  • Only season characters may enter the Season Servers.
  • You can get increased EXP, Season Leveling Aid Boxes when reaching certain levels, Secret Book of the Misty Breeze that grants extra Skill Points, and other benefits in the Season Servers.
  • Season characters cannot equip normal gear, but they can equip the special “Naru” and “Tuvala” season gear. “Naru” gear can be obtained by completing the main questline (from the very beginning to Mediah) from Lv. 1 – Lv. 55.


General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the Trainer’s Flute couldn’t be used on Weita Island.
  • Fixed the issue where the Effector values in the top left side of the Composition Note would not be brought in when opening a saved song in the Music Album.
  • Fixed the issue where the background in the Kisleev Crag area appeared abnormal.
  • Fixed the areas where characters couldn’t move in Crescent Mountains.
  • Fixed the issue where the window displayed when using a weapon exchange coupon would show the same item information even after it was closed and opened again.
  • Fixed the issue where the icon of the item used before the Equipment Tailoring Coupon would remain.
  • Changed the minimap where it used to not show the name of the region that your character is in when resetting all the settings.
  • Fixed the issue where the weapon exchange UI would be covered by the Inventory window.
  • Fixed the awkward position of the lower button for Special Barter.


Source: Black Desert | Pearl Abyss

Written by: Carizma

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