Black Ops 4 may have accidentally leaked to the next specialist

Black Ops 4 may have accidentally leaked to the next specialist

The speculation about a new specialist in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 are great! On Reddit, a picture was shared about a supposed mistake that could show Specter as the next specialist.

What did Black Ops show? On Reddit, the user “Xarson1270” shared a picture that was displayed to him when checking his class. There a smoke grenade is shown that is not even in the game.

The text suggests that Specter could see his opponents through this smoke. This is remarkable because Specter is not at all a specialist in the game.

Many players now suspect that this is a first, unintentional clue to the upcoming specialist in Black Ops 4.

This is known about Specter in Black Ops 4

This is Specter: This specialist is already known from the third part of the Black Ops series. There he had knives on his arms, which eliminated any opponent who came too close. In addition, Specter could become invisible to opponents.

These are the clues in Black Ops 4

So far, it’s just this image that suggests Specter. But it’s interesting that you already have a picture of this grenade and the matching text for Specter in the game.

It would not make much sense to implement such a picture in the game if this grenade and Specter come together.

Nevertheless, one should also consider this. It could just be a bug that will not affect the game in the future.

That would change Specter to Black Ops 4: Of course, you do not know if Specter would have the same capabilities on a release as they did in Black Ops 3.

But if that’s the case, then Specter could change a lot of the game, because a character who can be invisible would be useful in many situations.

What do you think? Would you like Specter to come up in Back Ops 4? Use the comments below!

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