Black Ops 4 on Twitch against Fortnite, LoL and FIFA

Black Ops 4 on Twitch against Fortnite, LoL and FIFA

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 did well in beta. One week after the start, it continues to lead by far the twitch rankings. But what is the reason?

How does Black Ops 4 beat Twitch? Already at the start of the game Black Ops 4 climbed to the top of the Twitch spectator times and overtook leaders such as League of Legends, FIFA or Fortnite.

What are the exact numbers? From October 11 to 17, 2018, the following viewing times were recorded in hours in the top 10 categories on Twitch:

  • Black Ops 4: 29,66 Million hours
  • League of Legends: 25,94 Million hours
  • Fortnite: 18,01 Million hours
  • Just Chatting: 9,00 Million hours
  • Dota 2: 7,43 Million hours
  • Hearthstone: 5,10 Million hours
  • World of Warcraft: 4,75 Million hours
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 4,27 Million hours
  • Casino: 3,76 Million hours
  • FIFA 19: 3,63 Million hours


These are the success criteria of Black Ops 4

Multiplayer for action fans: In Black Ops 4 three game modes vie for the favor of the players. If you like fast, uncomplicated action, play the regular multiplayer mode. It offers the usual call-of-duty fare.

Team-player zombies: Coop fans mash their way through the team with overpowered weapons through undead hordes and disgusting bosses. Zombies are a crowd pleaser and therefore also in the Battle Royale, where they should appeal to all fans of Black Ops.

Written by: Carizma

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