Black Ops 4: Operation Zero – All information about the new update

Black Ops 4: Operation Zero – All information about the new update

In just a few days, “Black Ops 4 Operation Absolut Zero” will be a major update with many new content and customizations. According to Treyarch, this is even the biggest update to Black Ops 4 so far.


When does Operation Absolut Zero start in Black Ops 4?

Operation Absolut Zero will be released on December 11. But this only applies to the Playstation 4 players, Xbox One and PC players have to wait 1 week longer.

It is not confirmed, however, we assume that latest on Tuesday also Black Ops 4 Patch 1.09 will appear. Which means you have to download a few gigabytes and the servers will go offline. However, there are some content that will be available a day earlier, so it may be that a patch will be released on Monday.

Operation Absolut Zero – New content in all modes

With Operation Absolut Zero, there will be new content and characters for all available Black Ops 4 game modes. We will show you a few FEatures for the next update, if you want to read all the details, here it goes to the official post of Treyarch.


Zero Black Ops 4

  • New Specialist: The new Chjarakter Zero will be available in multiplayer and blackout mode.
  • New weapons: Three new weapons are added:
    • The Daemon 3XB submachine gun
    • SWAT RFT assault rifle
    • Secret Santa melee weapon
  • New weapon camouflage and crosshairs



Some of the new content and customization will be available one day before Operation Absolut Zero, starting on December 10th.

  • New vehicle: ARAV is added.
  • Cards Update: Hijacked is added to the card
  • Armor Repair System
  • Acoustic improvements
  • Balance adjustments of some weapons like the SDM or the Spitfire
  • Seasonal changes on the entire map



In addition to the new Daily Callings, the Black Ops Authenticity Stamp feature will also be introduced. The latter allows players to post the following:

  • Number of kills, deaths, downs, revives, headshots, and rounds survived
  • Map selection, game type, numbers of players, and difficulty attempted
  • Special Weapons, Equipment, and Talismans used
  • Perks and Elixirs equipped
  • Number of Elixirs consumed
  • Match duration, score spent, final score, and more


This was just a quick excerpt from what awaits us in a few days in Call of Duty Black Ops 4, here it goes to the official post of Treyarch.

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