Black Ops 4: Update 1.24 Announced – Zombies DLC 4

Black Ops 4: Update 1.24 Announced – Zombies DLC 4

Update: BO4 Update 1.24 is now released. Here you will find all the details.

Treyarch has announced the next big update for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Among other things, the update adds a new map, the weapon Havelina AA50 is adjusted and there are preparations for the 4th Zombie DLC.


Black Ops 4 Update 1.24

When will BO4 patch 1.24? According to the official Twitter post, the update will be released on September 17th. The update will appear as usual late in the morning / midday.

Are the patch notes for this update already available? No, Treyarch has not released patch notes for the update on September 17th. The official patch notes should appear at the same time as the update. So far, only the following is known:

  • Jungle Flooded, our latest alt-weather Multiplayer map on PS4
  • Blackout environment updates for both the main map and Alcatraz
  • The return of Ground War in Blackout
  • Weapon tuning for the Havelina AA50

As soon as Black Ops 4 Patch 1.24 becomes available, we will provide you with the official patch notes.

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