Blackout Beta Gameplay – First Gameplay impressions

Blackout Beta Gameplay – First Gameplay impressions

Blackout Beta Gmeplay

As you would expect from Call of Duty, we quickly find ourselves in good control, even though it’s just the beta phase, everything is going great and stable!

Nothing is new in the first few minutes, so anyone who has already played PUBG or H1Z1 will find a good match here. Landing, getting a weapon and checking the environment…and of course freak out and hunt the others!

The environment looks good, the frame rate remains stable.

We explore a bit, grab the first vehicle. We finsih our first round at the first place with our team, after finishing some other teams with an ABR 223 updated with a 3x scope, just an awesome weapon!

So a second round, where we immediately find a helicopter and go, also here, the control is very simple, straightforward.

We go down on a roof, check the area around us, eliminate two others and go straight ahead. We caught our first impressions…. just for you to know… we will continue testing and keep you updated! Stay tuned!

We have a lot of fun, what do you think about Battle Royale Blackout?

Blackout Beta Gameplay Video

Written by: Carizma

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