Blackout: Black Ops 4 Beta Patch 1.08 is available – Patch Notes

Blackout: Black Ops 4 Beta Patch 1.08 is available – Patch Notes

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Activision and Treyarch today released a new patch for the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 beta beta client. The download is almost 1.7 gigabytes in size and carries the version number patch 1.08.

Detailed information about the patch content can be found below in the patch notes 1.08. The last Battle Royale Blackout message was the release of the first gameplay trailer, right here.

COD BO4 Blackout Beta – Patch Notes 1.08

Playlist Update:

  • Changed Featured playlist to Close Quarters (Solos only)

Character Updates

  • Mason, Menendez, Reznov, and Woods unlocked in Character menu


  • Enabled Killcam
  • General stability fixes
  • UI Error fix

Tuning Updates:

  • Armor:
    • Level 3 Armor will now break sooner and pass more damage to the player wearing it. It still offers headshot and other damage mitigation. Level 2 Armor was minorly adjusted as well. In a game where time between the first and second shots can be measured in milliseconds, it’s key to our design philosophy to be sure you can feel the difference between similar gameplay Items. More tuning to come here as we gather data from the Beta.
  • Perk Consumables:
    • We’ve changed the time it takes to activate all Perks to 2 seconds. We are currently evaluating if that will be a permanent change, but we are eager to learn how much the use time of a Perk impacts how and when Perks are used.

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