Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s release date has been postponed till 2023

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s release date has been postponed till 2023

Last August 31st, the game’s creator, Team Reptile, tweeted about the delay and explained why it had occurred.

We are convinced that releasing the game this year will not take it to a level where we would be personally satisfied with,” shared Team Reptile. “To create a fulfilling and unique game we are extending the development of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk to summer 2023.”

The Nintendo Switch and PC version of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk were supposed to debut in 2022. According to the game’s Steam page, players will have the chance. “Start your own cypher and dance, paint, trick and square off with the cops. Additionally, stake your claim to the extrusions and cavities of a massive metropolis in an alternate future.


About Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

The game director of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Dion Koster from Team Reptile, says that BRC is a game about the streets. No matter where you are from, you probably spent your youth going to the local skatepark. Putting your name on the school trash cans, or dancing at the mall before returning home to do challenging moves in your favorite video game.

Maybe it got you to the point where you’re now going to famous places in your own way. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a key street culture symphony of these feelings. In a deeper sense, Dion decided to include skateboarding, BMX, and inline skating in the game. The characters in the game skate, flip, and grind their way through a dynamic city in a vibrant cel-shaded sort of way.


What to expect?

The excellent thing is that Team Reptile also announced they would reveal additional images in the upcoming days to offer a quick overview of what to anticipate from the game. The brief gameplay video, shared via the studio’s official Twitter account, demonstrates how players will utilize their boost packs to combine their skills to produce explosive combinations. To keep the combination rolling, say that strong hand sync is necessary.


Do you still anticipate the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk despite the delay?

What are your thoughts about it? Please let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

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