Borderlands 3 Hotfix Patch Notes February 27 2020

Borderlands 3 Hotfix Patch Notes February 27 2020

2K and Gearbox have released a new Borderlands 3 update! The update only fixes some small bugs in the game, there is no new content.

The Borderlands 3 update from February 27 is a server update, you don’t need to download a patch. To activate the new hotfixes you have to wait in the main menu until the corresponding message appears.


Borderlands 3 Server Update 02/27/2020 Patch Notes

  • Addressed a reported concern that players were sometimes able to bypass Trudy’s spawn trigger during “Kill KillaVolt”
  • Addressed a perceived progression blocker during “All Bets Off” where enemies that were dropped in from a drop pod would sometimes not appear when the player left and returned to the area
  • Included a stopgap fix to prevent a reported blocker due to enemies sometimes becoming stuck in unreachable locations in Cistern of Slaughter


  • Addressed a reported concern that the “Should’ve Cashed Out” challenge was sometimes not progressing when killing Looters in the DLC area
  • Adjusted Billy the Anointed’s behaviors so that they would not teleport as often during a fight, and increased the chance for them to drop Lead Sprinkler
  • Addressed a reported concern that players could sometimes get stuck on top of a row of slot machines inside the second VIP room at Beggar’s Berth



  • Increased damage of all DAHL Assault Rifles by 35%

The Lob

  • Increased Magazine Size from 4 to 12
  • Greatly increased damage per tick
  • Now fires a burst shot of 3 magical orbs instead of 1


  • Increased Critical Hit Damage by 100%
  • Slightly reduced Vertical Recoil

Malak’s Bane

  • Greatly increased damage
  • Reduced shotgun ammo cost from 4 to 2

Ruby’s Wrath   

  • Greatly increased damage
  • Greatly reduced the Cooldown of Singularity Grenade


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